Asbestos Testing Bay Area

How to Test for Asbestos

Asbestos classified as a class of mineral. It is made of thin and tightly packed fibers. The strengths of this material made asbestos an ideal material for construction purposes. Asbestos is used for the purposes like insulation and fireproofing. On the flip side, the very strengths of this material had made it vulnerable to human life. Asbestos has serious implications on the health of the person who is exposed to it. Once airborne, asbestos fibers move freely in the air and enter the human body through the nostrils leading to disfigurement of tissues in the lungs. This is a cause for lung cancer.

Steps to test asbestos:

Bay Area has many professional companies that help you test asbestos. If you find the trace of asbestos in your environment, without delay you must call for help. Bay area has many good companies that help you clear asbestos.

Here are few steps that you must know about testing asbestos:

Check the time frame of building and its construction. Asbestos was in use in the period spanning from 1920 to 1989. If the building is an old one, then the building will have traces of asbestos in it. Asbestos is not only found in buildings, it is also used making of materials that are used daily like gas heaters, hair dryers, clothing and automotive brakes.

It is important to use protective devices like protective gloves, boots and filters when you are trying to collect samples.

It is mandatory to stops all electric appliances like air conditioning, fans, or ventilation systems. It is dangerous to have asbestos go into air. If it spreads into the air, the fiber will get into your lungs easily. So curb all activities that will make asbestos airborne.

Seal the area under question to make sure no untoward things happen. When the work is in progress, don’t let anyone move around the home. Shut it down totally.

Use water to ensure loose fiber stays grounded. Spray water to keep loose fiber from spreading into the air.

The sample collection work will be done by the company in the bay area. Cooperate with them to make sure they have the right samples for testing. Work with them to tighten security of the place and keep the place undisturbed.

Hiring right contractors is a must for this job. An EPA approved contractor will be just the right person to get in touch with. The EPA certified contractor is trained under qualified supervision and is fully capable of handling all areas of asbestos cleaning. The EPA approved contractor is licensed to handle asbestos and analyze the suspected areas.

These are a few things you must know about testing asbestos and things involved in the test process. Always look for licensed professionals to handle your case. When you know the contractor is approved, it only means your job is being done by the best contractor around Bay area. Safety measures are very important. Don’t shy away from asking right questions to the contractor to get things cleared.