Hazmat – Taking Out The Trash

Tucson Hazmat Case Study No. 2

Taking Out the Trash:
Remove and dispose of construction debris and garbage from a historic landfill located on top of a perched water table.Known as the “Linda Landfill” in the 1960’s and 1970’s, this historic landfill located within a quarter mile of the Santa Cruz River in downtown Tucson was created when people began dumping municipal solid waste into an old sand and gravel mining pit whose floor was approximately 40 feet below the ground surface. The landfill was eventually covered over with soil in the 1970’s where it was relatively undisturbed until SHC began remediating the site in August of 2010.
Scrapers, front loaders, bull dozers, an excavator, a blade, dump trucks, a water pull, and a water truck were some of the equipment used to remediate the landfill that was located on a site that encompassed an area less than 10 acres. SHC was responsible for removing and stockpiling the overburden soil covering the top of the landfill, constructing engineered benched side walls and entrance ramps, and removing and disposing of all of the landfill waste. SHC’s responsibilities also included environmental overview of the project to include Air Quality Permit and SWPPP implementation, dust control, odor control, and environmental sample collection and analysis.
This remediation project was completed in approximately 3-months from initial site preparation to collection of over 125 confirmation soil samples. At the completion of the project, over 35,000 cubic yards of overburden soil had been removed and stockpiled and over 31,500 cubic yards of landfill waste was removed and disposed of. This included over 47,600 tons of municipal solid waste hauled offsite in over 2300 truckloads, disposal of approximately 100 cubic yards of tires, 800 tons of concrete, and 32 tons of hazardous waste.
At the successful completion of the project, SHC secured for the client a “No Further Action” determination from the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality Voluntary Remediation Program for the soils remediation on the site.