Woolf House at Howard Street

California Division-Project Overview

Complete interior renovation of 189 occupied retirement residential units and common areas at the Woolf House Apartments in downtown San Francisco.


Woolf House at Howard Street

The challenge:

  • Working downtown in a highly congested area of the city
  • Working in an occupied apartment complex in sync with other trades and minimizing disturbance to elderly retired tenants
  • Performing asbestos abatement and soft demolition work in full dust tight negative air containments at 24 units per floor of a 9 story building
  • Planning deliveries of materials to the site, the removal of all the waste from the site and the planned use of strictly controlled street parking
  • Working to a tight schedule for each phase of the project

Typical containment Setup

The Solution:

  • Plan in advance with the building owner, building management personnel, the general contractor and other trades to establish a smooth viable schedule for all phases of the work
  • Set up a site meeting place for pre work safety meetings and site specific safety requirements for involved parties
  • Posted a job site board with all project information sheets. This ensured seamless communication between all parties
  • All workers wore SHC site safety equipment at all times
  • Installation and implementation of full Class 1 negative air containment at all units and corridors on each floor with regulatory warning and safety signs
  • Dust control sticky mats installed at each entry and exit location
  • All asbestos abatement and soft demolition work was performed using wet methods to minimize dust generation
  • All wastes are put in secure containers and labeled where required. They are then loaded into rolling carts with secure lids and removed from the floor off hours to minimize delays to residents while using the building elevators
  • Load out and transport of the wastes are performed by SHC, using our closed hazardous waste truck, load out performed off hours due to street parking restrictions
  • Successful independent air clearance performed by the owner at the completion of each phase of abatement and soft demolition
  • By using fully trained and experienced work crews, we ensured a safe and viable schedule, allowing for efficient work progress and ensured quality results for the owner and of course, happy tenants

The Result:

  • Each phase was performed on time, within budget and exceeded the client’s expectations
  • SHC successfully executed a multi stakeholder project in a narrow time line
  • The tenants were very happy as any disruption to their daily routine was minimal; this was one of our top priorities at the start of this project
  • Minimal disruption to the surrounding tenants

Containment for Exterior work at 7th Floor-Woolf House