San Francisco General Hospital

Case Study-San Francisco General Hospital
Asbestos Abatement & Soft Demolition in Operating Theater

The challenge:

  • Working in an active hospital operating theater undergoing upgrades alongside 3 fully functioning operating theaters
  • All the asbestos abatement work to be performed in full Class 1 negative air containments, full Level 2 infection control protocols, strictly enforced by the hospital environmental control team
  • Performing the removal work off hours to minimize disturbance to normal hospital activities
    Staging supplies, safety materials and haul out of the generated wastes
  • Working to a very tight schedule for each phase of the project

Removing multiple layers of asbestos flooring

The Solution:

    • Met with the hospital administrators in advance, planned the work layout and schedule of work to allow adjacent operating theaters to operate during the abatement activities
    • Set up specialized negative air containment with full infections control protocols
    • The containment required 24 hours per day constant monitoring by trained personnel during the entire abatement cycle
    • Held daily update site meetings with the university Health and Safety representatives to review work progress and any potential problems
    • Used specially trained worker teams for the installation of specialized above ceiling containments to protect the HVAC supply and return air to the active operating theaters
    • Working in close agreement with all parties involved in the project ensured smooth progress and completion on time and within budget for the client

The Result:

      • Passed regulatory clearances first time
      • This high profile job was completed to client’s expectations
      • Enhanced SHC reputation established with all parties involved with the project
      • The general contractor, James R. Griffin Inc, with whom we have the work subcontract enhances its reputation with SHC’s level of performance at the site
      • Leads to future projects with this important owner
      • Provides SHC with valuable experience for winning similar projects in our market that adds value to our organization and enhances our profitability
      • Using fully trained, experienced work crews ensures safe, clean work progress and ensures quality results for the owner and the tenants