Satellite Central Apartment Building

Case Study-Satellite Central Apartment Building, Oakland CA
Asbestos/Lead Abatement plus soft demolition for renovation and seismic strengthening in a fully occupied 145 Unit, 10 Floor elderly residential apartment building

The challenge:

To abate and provide soft demolition work for a major interior and exterior renovation of Satellite Central Apartment building in Oakland, CA. The work had to be performed in a building fully occupied by elderly residents, many of which, had disabilities. This required careful planning and coordination with the owner and tenants to minimize disturbing the residents during the abatement activities and also to ensure that they had full access to all entry and exit routes at all times. This meant that the work had to be performed to a very tight schedule during all phases of the project.

Community room and kitchens

Installing carbon fiber wrap on structural columns

The Solution:

We coordinated in advance with and had meetings with all the relevant stake holders, such as; the building owner, regulatory agencies, building management, tenants, the general contractor and the other service providers. This helped to establish a smooth viable schedule for all phases of the work. It made getting all required permits and insurances in place before the start of the project less of a challenge due to prior planning and coordinating with the stake holders. SHC worked with their partners to have a central place for pre work safety meetings and site specific safety requirements, this was done to minimize disruption to the tenants (which was our top priority.) We Posted a job site board with all project information sheets, again, this was done to ensure safety and also, to ensure proper lines of communication from all parties. All workers of course, wore SHC site safety jackets. All asbestos abatement and soft demolition work was performed in full containment negative work zones to minimize dust within the work area. All the generated wastes are labeled where required; the waste was then loaded into rolling carts with secure lids and removed from the floors off hours. Independent air clearance was performed by the owner at the completion of the abatement and soft demolition scope of work to release the areas back to the owner for other renovation work.

Asbestos abatement at corridors for lighting upgrades

The Result:

  • The project was completed on time, on budget and met the client’s expectations.
  • The successful completion of this project led to happy and satisfied tenants.
  • SHC’s seismic strengthening services expertise met and exceeded all stake holders’ expectations.
  • By using fully trained and experienced work crews, we executed a safe, on schedule work strategy.