Cleaning Up The Tunnels


Phoenix Case Study Two

Cleaning up the Tunnels
The discovery of significant amounts of rat feces put an urgent project of retrofitting a building’s IT system to a delicate standstill. Mobilizing on an emergency basis, SHC responded within 24 hours prepared to complete this project as quickly as possible. The ability to get the building up and running again depended on SHC’s ability to react quickly. This project was located 300 miles from the home office and being prepared.
SHC assessed the situation and the plan was rolled out to the owners for approval. All of the crawlspace area of the 8,000 sf building was to be HEPA vacuumed to remove rat and other feces. Asbestos debris was also found in the crawlspace, again confirming the importance of being prepared for everything. Carcasses of dead animals were also found and removed and handled properly. As a proactive solution to the owners, SHC brought in a certified pest control expert to permanently eradicate the problem of rats, cats and other pests getting into this crawlspace and damaging the building’s pipes and wiring.
Humane traps were set out to remove live animals from the space. Installation of screens at entry points and backfill was performed at openings into the crawlspace to reduce the ability of the pests reoccupying the clean space. SHC was able to complete this task on short notice in a matter of 3 days. The owners were happy that we successfully completed a day early and allowed them to become operational again.