Up In Fire

Phoenix Case Study Three

Up in Fire

Responding to a structure fire is always a difficult and sensitive situation. From obtaining the emergency permits, developing the scope, taking inventory of personal belongings and working with the tenants who are not allowed back in their homes.

After performing the physical inventory of contents, SHC crews removed all burned and damaged materials as asbestos material, packaged and disposed of them as such. Contents, wall systems and floor coverings were removed as asbestos containing materials. Using boom lifts and alternative ways of performing the roof demolition were required due to the instability of the areas

SHC returned to the owner, a safe clean structure for rebuild. We noticed we were under the close watch of the media and the tenants which presented even more of a challenge. With that in mind, the SHC work crew provided a professional job to the end users which exceeded their expectations.
This project spanned over the course of 2 weeks and at the end the property was clean, safe and ready to be made home again for 12 families.