Mold Remediation San Jose

Professional Mold Remediation

Mold is naturally drawn to places where there is moisture. Basements are most favorable breeding grounds for mold. When there is water leakage or water stalling in the basement, it becomes a ground for mold to grow. If at some point you realize that the basement has moisture or there is a leakage that is happening for a while, then the potential of mold growth is very high. Ideal ground for mold growth is water, decay and organic matter. Once you know there is a way for mold to form, don’t waste time, instead call a mold removal company around San Jose and fix the issue.

Mold remediation is complete process that is followed by professionals to identify potential areas of mold growth and work a plan out to combat mold.

What can you expect out of a mold remediation firm?

Mold remediation firms work to determine whether there’s toxic mold present. Once they see the presence of mold, they work on eliminating process. After elimination they work on taking steps to make sure mold doesn’t come back.

Here are the five basic steps that a good mold remediation firm follows:


Good companies will first look into the building and conduct a thorough check to see if mold is really grown. Unless they identify mold, they would not start remediation process. Before you let the company do the mold removal, confirm if the mold is really present. Mold remediation professionals will have to dig in deeper to find out the presence of mold.

Safety measures:

Once a remediation team finds full-blown mold, the removal program begins. Once work is initiated the team will completely bind the affected areas. Mold reproduces faster and this reproduction can cause harm to human body. During the removal process, make sure you are not around the work area. The mold releases spores into the air and that can cause breathing issues. If the mold is wide spread, it is a good idea to let the specialists finish the job and you stay away from the place.

Air Filtration:

Air filtration is one the most important aspect of mold removal. Once the team is disturbed the mold, spores run into the air and contaminate the surroundings. It is very important to treat air with air filters and other sophisticated methods to clear all the spores in the air.


Crucial part is the removal of mold. Clearing materials that are of glass and plastic is easy. Mold does not form on these materials. But wood and walls are perfect places for mold to grow extensively. Removal process works on clearing all traces of mold from all possible places.


In extreme cases, if mold has deeply affected your home, there are possibilities of structural damages as well. You might need to waterproof your basement to ensure damage is under control.

Overall, mold is a serious issue that you cannot ignore and let alone. Grown over time, mold can create structural damage and also inflict health issues on humans. San Jose has good mold remediation experts who can help you in controlling mold growth and its destructions.