Mold Removal Service In Phoenix Arizona

Mold Removal Tips for Your Home: Phoenix, Arizona

Mold is a common problem in areas where high humidity is found. This is the place that is prone to have mold formation. Bathrooms, basements, laundry rooms, and kitchens are the places in your home that are a welcome door for mold. Health issues like allergies, breathing problems are a few of the concerns that come with mold. Preventing mold from entering your home is the only option that you have.

How would you control mold? Is it possible to control mold?

To answer these questions, we must understand the foundation of mold, and how it forms in your homes.

Mold form due to humidity and if you can control humidity you can control mold to a large extent. Control the flow of moisture in within your home. You can use dehumidifiers to keep the humidity level under control. You have dehumidifiers for the whole house and dehumidifiers that are of room size. If you succeed in keeping the humidity under fifty percent levels, mold will die its natural death. Mold survives on humidity and if you control humidity, you control mold.

Using Filters:

The next thing you can do to control mold is to check for spores in your living environment. Spores enter your home every time you open the door. You open the door and you allow spores to enter in and this is an environment that is suited for mold growth. To control spores entering your home, you can use air filters and HEPA vacuum cleaners.  These products are proven to be very effective in controlling the movement of spores within your home. These products check the circulation of spores and controls air pollution. This is not a fool proof plan though; the filters don’t eliminate the spores all together.

With these filters, you can use natural mold resistant materials. One of the natural mold resistant products is wool. Using wool carpets, mattress covers of wool can act very strongly against mold formation. You can use alternate products that are mold resistant like cotton, alpaca and latex in your dwelling.

Steam cleaning:

Among the preventive methods, steam cleaning is also a helpful means of controlling mold spores. Steam cleaning cleans and disinfects the area without the use of cleaners. Mold is killed with steam cleaning.

Mold can grow on any surface. All that is needed for mold to grow is spore, and water. This allows mold to form in your home and then infect the place causing health issues. By keeping your home clean you can eliminate mold and its future growth.

Simple steps to control mold:

Take care of water leaks. Keep the house dry as much as you can. Control water collection in and around your home, as this is the breeding ground for mold to form and spread. Keep your carpet areas clean as water can be soaked down to the padding and this creates an environment for mold growth.


A clean and dry home is what you need to control mold and its growth. Avoid all possibilities that may lead to mold growth. Check your house for potential mold threat on regular basis. A mold free home is sickness free home.