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Tucson Division's Employee Appreciation BBQ!

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Special thanks to all of our employees throughout the company for all of your hard work and dedication to SHC and our clients! We appreciate your hard work and loyalty! The world of business survives less on leadership skills and more on the commitment and dedication of passionate employees like you. Thank you for your hard work.

Michael Hegarty

After numerous years of loyal and dedicated service to Southwest Hazard Control, we are sad to say that our California Division Manager, Michael Hegarty, has retired. Nonetheless, we are very happy and excited for him and wish him nothing but the best! It has been a joy for everyone at SHC to work with someone so passionate, calm and professional. We applaud you for your years of service and achievement at SHC. Our heartiest congratulations and best wishes for your retirement. We hope this new stage in life brings you wonderful things. You will be greatly missed! 

Jake Mack

The retirement of Mike Hegarty is a bittersweet moment, as SHC says goodbye to a faithful and admirable employee and introduce Jake Mack as our new California Division Manager. 

We would like to officially congratulate him on his recent promotion to Division Manger. We know the previous shoes are hard to fill but we are confident he will bring new successes to SHC. We're sure that his ability to lead by example in motivating others will make our team even more effective and productive.

​Congratulations and good luck in your new position!

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Tucson Office Gals

SHC in Tucson, AZ presents our corporate office personnel. These ladies are a strong team, always willing to help and ready for any challenge! Each with their own skills have so much to offer to help make SHC successful.

​​Las Cruces Team​​

Although small, they are mighty! They are a group of hard working individuals that continuously strive to do the best by SHC. They are supportive of SHC's core values and goals. For that, and much more, we are grateful for our Las Cruces team.

​​Safety Talk​​

With offices in NM, CA and AZ, spreading the word about safety and implementing the same safety culture throughout all divisions can be a challenge. However, with coopertaive team members, we are able to give our safety talks with equal participation throughout our locations. Way to go teams!

​​Hazmat Team​​​

Our Hazmat team is one of the most energetic and cohesive team we have seen yet! From the sticky to the icky. this team works so well together at taking on tough projects. They are always exceeding customer expecations and making SHC so very proud to have them. Go Hazmat!


Besides taking on 120 degree weather, this group of talented individuals work hard everyday to make of SHC a comeptivie and desirable environmental remediation company in our Phoenix, AZ area. We hope their summers don't melt them away!


Traffic is no party for our Claifornia team, but this team always gets to jobsites on time despite the "pull out your hair" kind of traffic. They are an excellent crew who are always prepared for any obstacles. They are loyal employees and team members that provide nothing but the best service to our customers.
Meet Wolfgang! He is our beloved furry friend at SHC. Although his official parents are Chrisann and Jim, we have all grown to love and care for our pal, Wolfie. He helps make our Tucson office even more loving and fun!