Underground Storage Tank and Petroleum Contaminated Soils Remediation

When an underground storage tank ceases to operate the owner must file for a temporary closure of the UST system. After one year the tanks must go back into operation or be permanently closed. Closure is accomplished by removing the tank or tanks from the ground and submitting the necessary closure assessment reports to the state or EPA. Sometimes a UST can be closed in place.

SHC provides turnkey operations for underground storage tank removal services. SHC has coordinated and managed UST removals for a variety of industrial and public sector clients. SHC will remove your old system and prepare the necessary environmental closure reports to satisfy state and EPA guidelines. SHC can also characterize remove and dispose of your petroleum contaminates soils (PCS) resulting from a leaking fuel tank.

Our personnel are certified by the International Code Council and follow Standard Operating Procedures established by SHC, guidelines for UST removal directed by the presiding fire jurisdiction, the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) UST Division, A.R.S Title 49, A.A.C Title 18, general construction guidelines set forth in OSHA Part 1926, and OSHA Hazardous Waste Operations 1910.120, and technical guidelines published by the American Petroleum Institute.