SHC Introduces David Jensen- SHC Phoenix Division Estimator

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Originally from California and Hawaii. David moved to Arizona in 2005 and is enjoying life in Phoenix. “I just love it here. I guess you can say I enjoy sunny warm weather and what it has to offer. Kayaking, fishing, motorcycle rides and hanging out by the pool with friends and loved ones, who could ask for more ?” Said David. David is very sociable and outgoing, so we’re sure he has no shortage of friends!

In his role as an estimator, David has also been busy networking in the Phoenix construction market, he’s made strong business connections, delivering value where it matters and is known for his consultative approach in project management. When asked about this, David said: “I always strive to really get to know the project down to the smallest detail, I get together with the team to refine and critique, that way I know we have delivered the best possible value to the client. I always pull out all the stops to deliver the project on time and on budget, it’s the only way to be.”

David has been working in the construction Industry since he was 16, when he started as a laborer in masonry. He has since worked in just about every aspect of construction and has had experience in a multitude of trades, this has given him the skills to see the project from many different angles.

David’s approach to client management is always based on great client relationships. “It’s the simple, yet effective parts to this that matters,” Says David, ” calling clients back promptly, being on time to scheduled meetings, always being completely transparent and working as closely with the client as possible is what matters.”

David can be reached at (480)-517-9040 and


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