SHC Welcomes Fergus O’Sullivan To Our California Office


Originally from Cork Ireland, Fergus has lived in California for almost 18 years. He has been involved in the construction industry for most of that time, wearing various hats. He holds a CSLB Class B License and has extensive experience with environmental issues in the construction industry both past and present. Fergus completed postgraduate studies in Environmental Policy and Planning recently.

He has worked as a Project Manager and Constructions Claims Consultant in the Bay Area for different companies and as an independent Environmental Consultant, serving many public and private organizations in Northern California.
He has also been involved in developing and teaching Sustainable Technology at the Community College level. His instruction included introducing a wide variety of students to the correct protocol and procedures in dealing with hazardous materials, the demands of correct monitoring of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), and the environmental and health effects on people and the surrounding environment.
Fergus is excited by the challenges that lie ahead in joining Southwest Hazard Control, Inc. As the newest member of the SHC team, we welcome Fergus as a division estimator and look forward to his contributions to the team.

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4 thoughts on “SHC Welcomes Fergus O’Sullivan To Our California Office

  1. Your background and diversity will be a much appreciated and exciting addition to an exceptional team of SHC professionals! Welcome!

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