SHC Introduces David Jensen- SHC Phoenix Division Estimator

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Originally from California and Hawaii. David moved to Arizona in 2005 and is enjoying life in Phoenix. “I just love it here. I guess you can say I enjoy sunny warm weather and what it has to offer. Kayaking, fishing, motorcycle rides and hanging out by the pool with friends and loved ones, who could ask for more ?” Said David. David is very sociable and outgoing, so we’re sure he has no shortage of friends!

In his role as an estimator, David has also been busy networking in the Phoenix construction market, he’s made strong business connections, delivering value where it matters and is known for his consultative approach in project management. When asked about this, David said: “I always strive to really get to know the project down to the smallest detail, I get together with the team to refine and critique, that way I know we have delivered the best possible value to the client. I always pull out all the stops to deliver the project on time and on budget, it’s the only way to be.”

David has been working in the construction Industry since he was 16, when he started as a laborer in masonry. He has since worked in just about every aspect of construction and has had experience in a multitude of trades, this has given him the skills to see the project from many different angles.

David’s approach to client management is always based on great client relationships. “It’s the simple, yet effective parts to this that matters,” Says David, ” calling clients back promptly, being on time to scheduled meetings, always being completely transparent and working as closely with the client as possible is what matters.”

David can be reached at (480)-517-9040 and

Meeting And Exceeding Expectations- Why Just Saying Yes Is Not Always A Good Idea

Our General Manager Graham Fraser on an issue that’s prevalent to all industries- Client expectations.

In my role as GM at SHC, I meet a lot of clients from our various locations, I work on a lot of time sensitive projects and my day (like yours) can change on a phone call. I often have to pivot from one action item to another to meet a demand that’s not more pressing or important than the previous one, but simply because I have to meet a client’s expectation. I see myself as having two sets of clients- External and Internal. In my opinion, both are equally important but have different needs and expectations.

The essence of delivering on client expectations is connecting what we said we would do with what we actually did. When we match what we said we would deliver with the actual outcome, we have a happy client.
Here at SHC, we are always working on meshing the two together. In other words, eliminating any disparities(or gaps) between the expectations of the client and SHC’s capabilities.

The challenge of delivering on expectations is not just confined to our own particular industry. This age old issue is prevalent in just about any other Industry I can think of. When one tends to think of client expectations, one tends to think in the singular as opposed to the plural. Singular as in one party- The client. Therefore, with that logic, one client means one expectation gap to manage and mitigate.
But if we step back and think about it, we have more than that don’t we? The challenges of delivering are present throughout our own stakeholder chain.

For example, in our Industry, we have many internal parties with an interest in a successful outcome.
Workers, supervisors, operations managers, estimators and executives. They all need (and deserve) to have their own particular expectations met and exceeded. The field people meeting the expectations of managers and clients, mangers dealing with the expectations of executives and executives dealing with the expectations of all parties in the chain.
How do we as an organization deliver? How do we keep so many moving parts from different departments with different needs and expectations happy, alert and motivated ?

At SHC, we find that it’s being able to succeed at decision making through energetic and robust communication that helps us deliver results. To make the most of this, all levels of the organization have to be in alignment and all parties in the internal chain have to be on the same page.
When an organization delivers on its promises, it does more than meet expectations,it sets the tone for delivering value and satisfaction, makes clients happy and builds a reputation, it’s set the tone and delivers value and satisfaction .
Most managers and executives will admit that delivering on all of the above is challenging to say the least. Ask any manager or executive in any Industry of any particular challenge that comes to mind and most will admit that over promising and under delivering is an issue.
Everyone has their own system to minimize the above, no system is perfect and there is no “Try this and it works all the time and never fails” solution.

Part of our communication always involves collaboration between all parties. It’s at this phase that we align expectations between all interested groups. Through collaboration we build a series of data points that reduces speculation and builds out timelines and goals using solid reasoning. Another good routine to develop is to avoid making promises/commitments verbally, this usually runs a high risk of unsuccessful execution by lack of clarity and not knowing all the facts from all involved parties. Wait till all relevant data has been collected and the organizations goals are aligned to the clients.
Finally, make sure that the appropriate resources are applied to the objective, budgets, staff, or equipment. The right person doing the right job in the right place at the right time delivers results that are quantifiable and measurable – Happy clients that want to use you again and again.

Graham can be reached at

Phoenix 2013 Memories And Looking Forward To 2014

Virginia Rush brings us a recap of SHC Phoenix in 2013

Here at SHC Phoenix we are blessed to work with many repeat customers, we strive to always earn their repeat business. In 2013 we added on a state of the art Hydro blaster unit. We are able to offer you one of the most efficient means of coatings removal on the market today. The machine captures the water and filter for hazardous materials removal. This makes it far more efficient than traditional methods. With the net result being a quadruple rise in production, which saves us man hours and you (the client) money.

We also are performing interior demolition in house. With the recent addition of Carlos Mejia ( an expert in the Interior demolition field) SHC Phoenix can now provide a turn key approach to all opportunities and projects. We can now be the only call that you have to make and you can feel good knowing your project is our project and will be handled in the safest, most compliant and efficient way possible.
And here’s our interior demolition expert Carlos:

(Carlos can be reached at

One of the most exciting projects that 2013 brought us includes hydro-blasting coatings from the inside of a 130’ high intake of a dam.
This project presented many challenges which included not allowing our wash water to enter into the natural water stream and pumping the water up nearly 160’ to the final filter stage.

A really big challenge was working within a confined space with crew members literally repelling down the shaft while hydro-blasting the interior petroleum based coating.Lead based paint was also found on metal components throughout the facility and removed via blasting or by using chemicals.

And here’s one of our intrepid crew members in action:

Despite a very short timeline with challenging logistics and precarious working conditions, SHC not only met client expectations but exceeded them.

SHC Phoenix also restored a 20,000 square foot warehouse after its roof collapsed. We done this by providing shoring of the fragile structure, decontaminating contents, restoring equipment, removing the asbestos hazards and returning the facility back to the owner in record time.

We are a 24/7 operation and are able to provide assistance when you need us most, just like we do routinely for power plants, historic properties,schools, government buildings, private buildings and any other building or residence.

We ended 2013 with a bang, the contributions made at our Holiday party from our customers allowed 100 needy families to have toys under their trees on Christmas morning. The toys benefited the Chrysalis Shelter, please visit their website at to find out how you can help more throughout the year.
We are thrilled to serve our valued customers in 2014, we are here to help you in more ways than ever before.
We are one of the oldest environmental remediation contractors in the Southwest who have been in business for over 30 years. I invite you to contact me for an estimate or consultation on your next project.

Virginia Rush (Division Manager)

SHC Welcomes Fergus O’Sullivan To Our California Office


Originally from Cork Ireland, Fergus has lived in California for almost 18 years. He has been involved in the construction industry for most of that time, wearing various hats. He holds a CSLB Class B License and has extensive experience with environmental issues in the construction industry both past and present. Fergus completed postgraduate studies in Environmental Policy and Planning recently.

He has worked as a Project Manager and Constructions Claims Consultant in the Bay Area for different companies and as an independent Environmental Consultant, serving many public and private organizations in Northern California.
He has also been involved in developing and teaching Sustainable Technology at the Community College level. His instruction included introducing a wide variety of students to the correct protocol and procedures in dealing with hazardous materials, the demands of correct monitoring of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), and the environmental and health effects on people and the surrounding environment.
Fergus is excited by the challenges that lie ahead in joining Southwest Hazard Control, Inc. As the newest member of the SHC team, we welcome Fergus as a division estimator and look forward to his contributions to the team.

Fergus can be reached at

SHC And the Moore, OK Tornado Part Two

Kristal Armendariz brings us part two in her own words.

Loaded down with supplies, we left Las Cruces , headed north to Albuquerque and took a hard right on I-40. The sense of community and support that we first saw in our home town only grew as we traveled through the country. Passing cars honked and waved their support. People signed the trailer and stopped to talk to us at gas stations, eager to be part of something bigger than themselves. We hit Amarillo, Texas just after midnight, pulling into a KOA campground to rest for a few hours. Almost immediately, our heavy trailer sank in the mud and we were stuck. This was our first run in with the aftermath of storms. The night before a tornado and thunderstorm had swept through the area and the ground was soaked. A local towing service came out and pulled us to safety. After seeing the signs on our trailer the driver refused payment, instead sending his own well wishes along to the people of Moore.


We arrived in Oklahoma the next morning. After dropping our daughter off at her softball camp, we took a drive through Moore to get a first-hand look at the damage. To say it was devastating is an understatement. We stopped at an intersection in Moore. On one corner, a CVS Pharmacy stood untouched. Across the street, a Walgreen’s was boarded up – the pharmacy operating out of a portable with an emergency medical clinic and donation station set up under a tent in the parking lot. Just behind it, there were acres and acres of land that had once been a subdivision.


Nothing was left but a few of the larger trees, limbs stripped of leaves and branches. The homes that once lined these streets were gone, vehicles buried under debris, overturned or wrapped around trees. And in the midst of this turmoil was evidence of humanity: cases of water left on street corners, children’s toys arranged in the driveways of homes that no longer existed, flags waving proudly amid the rubble and spray painted messages of hope.


The next morning we headed to the Center for Children and Families, Inc. They had just taken possession of a church that they plan on remodeling into a new and improved facility. Inside, stacks of diapers filled the front of the room and cans of formula lined the first few pews. The staff was very gracious and welcomed us with open arms.


Mike Armendariz, Las Cruces Division Manager, took control of the trailer and we set up a human chain to bring in supplies. Including the team and parents we had over 35 volunteers working together to unload and we needed every single one of them!


They didn’t have any water stockpiled, so it was especially gratifying to see the cases of water and sports drinks grow. I didn’t realize we had collected as much as we had!


This entire experience has reaffirmed my faith in the inherent goodness of people and the resiliency of the human spirit. It has also taught me to be grateful for each day I have with those I love. You never know what tomorrow will bring, so make today matter.

SHC Awarded San Francisco Housing Authority Contract

SHC has just been awarded a multiyear contract, competitively bid, for Hazardous Materials Abatement and Remediation Services for the San Francisco Housing Authority. SHC will be providing abatement services throughout the +-9000 housing units managed by SFHA in San Francisco. The management of SFHA awarded the new contract to SHC based on our performance to date in working with them.
“I’m delighted to be working with SFHA for a further 2 years, this really does validate the quality service that we strive for”, explains CA divisional manager Mike Hegarty. “And I think this contract award shows this”.
But price wasn’t the only factor that SFHA used in their decision. SHC has consistently provided safe, quality abatement services to the residents of SFHA.
“SHC does a great job and I’m delighted to be working with them”, said James Mark of the SFHA. “ I know I can rely on them to work on projects that have a short timeline and to get it done right.”

And here’s Mike explaining why he does what he does.

Well Done To Rafael Lopez Who Is The Las Cruces Employee Of The Month for December

We wanted to share that Rafael Lopez is the SHC Las Cruces Employee of the month for December. He did an outstanding job recently at Roswell. He is a real leader, staying on task and moving from one project to another without direction. We appreciate his hard work and dedication.
A little about Rafael. He has been with SHC Inc for two years now and has six years of experience overall in the Industry. He has an excellent safety record. He is a family man with a wife and three kids. He’s always on time, a hard worker and willing to travel as needed. He is an exemplary employee and a great asset to our organization.