SHC Awarded San Francisco Housing Authority Contract

SHC has just been awarded a multiyear contract, competitively bid, for Hazardous Materials Abatement and Remediation Services for the San Francisco Housing Authority. SHC will be providing abatement services throughout the +-9000 housing units managed by SFHA in San Francisco. The management of SFHA awarded the new contract to SHC based on our performance to date in working with them.
“I’m delighted to be working with SFHA for a further 2 years, this really does validate the quality service that we strive for”, explains CA divisional manager Mike Hegarty. “And I think this contract award shows this”.
But price wasn’t the only factor that SFHA used in their decision. SHC has consistently provided safe, quality abatement services to the residents of SFHA.
“SHC does a great job and I’m delighted to be working with them”, said James Mark of the SFHA. “ I know I can rely on them to work on projects that have a short timeline and to get it done right.”

And here’s Mike explaining why he does what he does.