Meet Syd Cook – Our Financial Assistant

I have enjoyed working at Southwest Hazard Control since my arrival June 12, 2012. I started in the Accounts Payable Department and recently moved into the position as Financial Assistant. This affords me the opportunity to be instrumental in many diverse and challenging processes at SHC. I am responsible for communications with our customers to verify their contact and staffing information, documentation requirements and completion, invoice receipt, remittance processing and sending monthly statements. Our SHC customers are some of the most knowledgeable and interesting members of our industry. Not only do I get the chance to facilitate their needs but I often get the opportunity to hear how our SHC team has impressed them with their hard work and job skills. Many of those same customers will share personal and sometimes humorous stories and experiences they’ve had. This continually educates me on the unique nature of our customers and our business in environmental concerns. I work directly with our SHC division managers on weekly reports and any additional customer communications they may need assistance with.
I take great pride and honor in my position with SHC. I feel my responsibilities are well met by my past experiences and positions. I have been in positions in accounting for most of my working career. My past positions have been as Accounts Receivable Supervisor, Accounts Payable, Purchasing Supervisor, Merchandising Director, Promotions and Marketing, and In-Service and Field Representative for an Educational Firm. One of my past positions stands out as the Operations Manager for North Central Industries in Muncie, IN. One of my responsibilities included managing the Safety MSDS Management Program which required me to document our hazardous materials, location, storage, handling and staff training. It was a part of my past experiences but it feels like a connection with SHC today.
In closing, I want to impress upon our SHC customers now, or those considering the products and services of SHC, that we are the firm to choose. We have the knowledge, skills, experience, history, and the team (including me) to do things right, every job, each and every time. Please contact me at 520-622-3607, Ext #121 or at my email address, for any questions or concerns. I may not always have the answer, but I will always find the answer.

SHC Awarded San Francisco Housing Authority Contract

SHC has just been awarded a multiyear contract, competitively bid, for Hazardous Materials Abatement and Remediation Services for the San Francisco Housing Authority. SHC will be providing abatement services throughout the +-9000 housing units managed by SFHA in San Francisco. The management of SFHA awarded the new contract to SHC based on our performance to date in working with them.
“I’m delighted to be working with SFHA for a further 2 years, this really does validate the quality service that we strive for”, explains CA divisional manager Mike Hegarty. “And I think this contract award shows this”.
But price wasn’t the only factor that SFHA used in their decision. SHC has consistently provided safe, quality abatement services to the residents of SFHA.
“SHC does a great job and I’m delighted to be working with them”, said James Mark of the SFHA. “ I know I can rely on them to work on projects that have a short timeline and to get it done right.”

And here’s Mike explaining why he does what he does.

Well Done To Rafael Lopez Who Is The Las Cruces Employee Of The Month for December

We wanted to share that Rafael Lopez is the SHC Las Cruces Employee of the month for December. He did an outstanding job recently at Roswell. He is a real leader, staying on task and moving from one project to another without direction. We appreciate his hard work and dedication.
A little about Rafael. He has been with SHC Inc for two years now and has six years of experience overall in the Industry. He has an excellent safety record. He is a family man with a wife and three kids. He’s always on time, a hard worker and willing to travel as needed. He is an exemplary employee and a great asset to our organization.