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Environmental Contracting Services

SHC offers a wide variety of remediation and disposal services throughtout the Southwest, for commercial businesses, private residences and government agencies.

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Asbestos Abatement

SHC furnishes all labor, materials, employee training, necessary insurance coverage, expertise, and equipment necessary to carry out specified asbestos abatement projects. SHC will also obtain all the required permits including any necessary state, county and city licenses. Although the person or entity requesting service is responsible for providing required notification to the EPA and any regional, state, or local authority having jurisdiction on projects for asbestos removal, SHC will provide assistance to the owner as required.

Lead Containing Material & Lead Based Paint

SHC has been on the leading edge of lead abatement solutions and procedures.  SHC completed its first lead abatement project in 1991. Since then, SHC has performed over $3 million worth of lead abatement projects for clients including Sandia National Laboratories, the General Services Administration, Artisoft, and Fort Huachuca. All lead abatement work is performed with trained supervisors and technicians in order to prevent lead exposure to workers, building’s occupants, in transportation and disposal facilities.

Hazardous Material Remediation

All work performed by SHC is in accordance with applicable rules and regulations as promulgated by the EPA, OSHA, DOT, MSHA, and other applicable state, ADEQ, and  local authority regulations in effect at the time of work.  SHC furnishes all labor, materials, employee training, required insurances, expertise, and equipment necessary to carry out the specialized hazardous waste remediation,  waste characterization, and emergency response incident.

Petroleum Contaminated Soil Remediation

Petroleum Contaminated Soil (PCS) remediation provided by SHC includes sampling, soil excavation, remediation, and disposal.  SHC is an Arizona State Assurance Fund Certified Contractor, Site remediation closure reporting. PCS includes spills and leaks from gasoline, oils and other lubricants (automotive or machinery) and diesel


SHC offers homeowners complete restoration services to repair and/or replace damaged areas to their original condition. After the fire is exinguished and the property is relinquished to the property owner, SHC will extract the water and discard debris. Our team of craftsmen can have your home back to pre-loss condition, efficiently, and to industry standards. From the initial response of safeguarding your belongings to hanging the last picture, our professional restoration experts are here to fulfill your vision and exceed your expectations. Should a loss occur,  SHC is ready to respond 24/7, 365 days a year.

Microbiological Remediation

SHC has been at the forefront of microbiological(mold/fungal) remediation, performing our first remediation project in 1993. Since then, SHC has performed over $1.5 million worth of microbiological remediation projects for clients including Tucson Unified School District, Tucson Medical Center, and the University of Arizona.

Residential and Commercial Demolition

SHC provides soft demolition services and does so in accordance with the applicable rules of each project and location. Soft demolition refers to removing a portion of a structure as an alteration or removing all interior finishes and  non-structural partitions.   SHC ensures the completion of the demolition project according to the details of the scope. SHC utilizes trained, experienced and dedicated employees on all projects. Contact us with your project details


SHC provides other environmental services such as biohazard clean-up, residential hoarding home clean-up, and non-regulated waste cleanup among other services. Please call your nearest SHC office for more information about other services provided in your area.

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