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Welcome to the Texas Division of Southwest Hazard Control, Inc. (SHC). SHC has operated continuously in the environmental remediation field since 1983, with thousands of projects completed. Services offered include: Asbestos Abatement; Lead Paint Abatement; Mold Remediation; Hazardous and non-Hazardous Demolition; Clandestine Labs Clean-up; Hoarding Clean-up; HAZMAT Services; Fire and Water Emergency Response and Restoration. 

 SHC Texas is both gender and ethnically diverse in its workforce, including American Indian, Hispanic, Caucasian and African American employees. SHC Texas only employs individuals capable of meeting the very stringent federal Homeland Security federal background screenings, and holds numerous federal and state contracts that require these demanding employment requirements.

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Guilliermo Andrade

Guilliermo Andrade

Texas/New Mexico Division Manager

610 San Jose SE Bldg. B
Albuquerque, NM  87102

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